Our Story

I never liked having the same hairstyle twice, and luckily, I had a Hairdresser who understood that and would always welcome my ideas; she would advise me on which hair type to buy for the style I presented to her, but that was only one side of the equation. However, obtaining the correct hair for the proper style was always a difficult effort, locating that hair in the shops was a time-consuming task. But it shouldn’t be this way; instead, I believe one should spend more time deciding on a hairstyle.

So, with this in mind, I decided to concentrate on one thing that will alleviate every person’s hair-finding problem. By selling hair and developing a service and platform that also offers a variety of hair colours, accessories to add to your braids, and hair care products to care for the crown we all adore and cherish.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to create a platform to fulfil all your hair needs: hair, accessories, and hair care.
  • We want to always provide affordable, quality, diverse hair, and products.
  • To provide doorstep delivery.

Our Vision

To be the brand to be reckoned with, grow to have a global presence and a reputation for excellence.

the Founder

28 years old, possesses a Bachelor of Business Administration (Human Resource) from the University of Namibia, and is currently pursuing an MBA (International Business) in India. Customer service, sales, logistics and supply chain management, and office administration are all areas in which I have worked.

I was exposed to business, particularly selling and marketing, at a young age since I grew up in a family with people who were entrepreneurs, from selling the smallest of things to eventually turning into companies, so you could say I was born into business. Throughout my varsity years, I sold Avon items, chilli bits, and eventually started making and selling vetkoeks.

Diva Strands began in May 2021 as a simple desire to sell hair to friends and WhatsApp contacts.